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Thread: How to integrate WP Jetpack Comments Function in LabZip Theme?

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    How to integrate WP Jetpack Comments Function in LabZip Theme?

    Dear forum members, dear Labzip support,

    I have recently installed the Jetpack Plugin on my live site. This nifty plugin enables the option for the visitor who has written a comment, that they will have several ways to identify themselves. A visitor can leave a comment as a guest, or they can choose to use their, Twitter, or Facebook account.

    Here is a littel explanation including some screenshots:

    After installing the plugin, I turned on the Comments function, but they are not working. There may be an issue with the way your theme handles comments. According to the developers of the plugin, for Jetpack Comments to work, the theme needs to be using the comment_form() function to display the comment form.

    Does your theme support this function? How would I get Jetpack Comments to work properly on

    Thank you for a brief feedback.

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