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Thread: LinkedIn Publisher: Landing Page

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    LinkedIn Publisher: Landing Page

    Great plugin has worked since the day we started using it. I only have one thing that would possibly make it work better for us:

    When the link is clicked for users to sign in to the their LinkedIn account they are redirected to the homepage (I think it is actually looking for an index file), but the user ends up on the page again which is my login page. This can be confusing to some users because they think they have logged out of the site which means they are less likely to use it on their next visit.

    To solve this problem I would like to define where a user lands after linking their LinkedIn account (or signing in with their LinkedIn account). In this case I would like users to land on "current page" which is my job page. I understand that most users are using the jobs page as their homepage which would explain why by default the plugin is configured to go to the index after signing to the LinkedIn API.

    What is the easiest was to this. I know it may be something I may have overlooked in the plugin code, but can I please have to help with this?

    Best Regards

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