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Thread: Question on Functionality

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    Question on Functionality

    I have a couple of questions... I have a straight HTML site that I am going to convert to wordpress... the site will be a "regular" info type site with listing functionality. I want companies to be able to list themselves for a fee... which this plugin seems to be able to do very well... The main question is this: I have a bunch of pages broke down by cities and states... for example, alabama... and for that page I have text and such related to alabama and what my company sells... (I can't list the site to show you an example but it doesn't matter for this question - the explanation should be enough)... I would like for all the companies who are in the directory in the state of Alabama to show up on the sidebar on that Alabama page... and say for example, on the Atlanta page... only companies who are listed and in atlanta (or the surrounding areas) to show up on that Atlanta page. Can this plugin do that too? Have specific / filtered listings show up on different pages according to the topic (in this case a city and/or state) for a page?

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