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Thread: A few ideas for mapsupreme

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    A few ideas for mapsupreme

    I have a few ideas that would be very great to have for mapsupreme.
    First off, one of the vantage default maps is able to be put into the sidebar of the page. It would be very handy if mapsupreme had a widget that did the same thing. Right now, I have to use the vantage map, which does not look the same as the mapsureme app.
    Second, it would be very cool if the subcategories were listed on the bottom right corner of the map when somebody is just browsing a category. Right now, It only does that if you search something. It would be great if the user could just click on the category and sort through the subcategory on the map.
    Third, kind of on the same topic, it would be really cool if you could change the red pin icon based on what category the listing is in. Like I have 3 different main categories, it would be awesome if each category had its own individual pin that I could edit.
    Fourth, when you click on a pin, the bubble with the listing's information pops up. if one of the fields is missing, there is a gap in the information. I have a few listings that dont have a website. So there is a gap between the phone number and the directions. So if it were to auto resize so the blank line wouldnt show when there is no information in that field.
    Lastly, if the ratings showed on the bubbles, that wouldnt be a bad idea. People would be able to make a better choice on which listing page to visit if they could see the listings's raiting.

    These are alot of ideas.. But I think that they would greatly improve this plug in

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