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Thread: Ads (not classified) not showing up

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    Ads (not classified) not showing up

    Alright, so, I've had lots of problems with Classipress and am losing patience with it.

    I upgraded in an effort to fix some problems in the last release and went through a painstaking process to bring everything back up to speed. But since the upgrade, my Ads (not the classifieds, been there and fixed that problem already) are not showing up. I still have the code in the theme under the "Ads" tab for four 125x125 ads, but when I put the widget in the main sidebar, the widget shows up, minus the ads. It has the "advertise here" pics still in it.
    And the widget is another thing that has me confused. In the settings under the "ads" tab, it has a form for the name of the Ads widget. It still says the default "Ads" in the form. In the documentation, he talks about the "CP Ads" widget, so I'm assuming those widgets mentioned are one and the same. However, I do not have a "CP Ads" widget. I have the "CP Ads Sponser" widget, and that's the one that is not working.

    Is it asking too much to have good documentation? Seriously, if y'all weren't here to fill in where the documentation lacks, I would have ditched Classipress a long time ago. Thanks for the hard work y'all do!

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