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Thread: Button an description uploading images on a new add

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    Button an description uploading images on a new add

    Hi guys
    Just wondering if someone can help me.
    I add the code bellow to functions.php of my childtheme and it does what is supposed to do... disable the flash uploader for good.
    But even before I add this code to functions.php, if I swapp to the normal uploader to add images to a new add the button to add the image does not translate in my other subdomains with diferent languages.
    For eg: I have a subdomain and the button translation is fine but in the main domain that is in English and in my two others and they display the button and description always in Portuguese.
    Do you know a solution for this.

    If you try to post an ad on you will see what I mean

    Much appreciate if someone can help me.

    function child_remove_appthemes_actions() {
    add_action('appthemes_init', 'child_remove_appthemes_actions');

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