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Thread: Category Depth Problem

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    Category Depth Problem

    Hi, we're building a classifieds website. We have homepage layout as 'directory style'. We have a whole number of categories, sub categories and sub-sub categories. Problem is, despite changing the 'category depth', it makes no difference as to what it's doing.

    As an example - a main category is animals. This has as a subcategory - dogs. Dogs has as it's subcategory all the various breeds of dogs. Animals has as it's subcategory apart from dogs also birds, cats, fish etc. However on the homepage all that is showing is Bird, Dogs and then the first 8 breeds of dogs which have been programmed in as subcategories of dogs.

    I don't want the sub categories of dogs to show but the 'depth' option, which is apparently what sorts this out, is not making any difference whatsoever.

    I've checked a bunch of threads, changed PHP code as per one of the moderators (which just removed a bunch of sub categories altogether) but no solution.

    The site is - any solution would be appreciated.

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