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Thread: ClassiPress 3.0 'Max Images Per Ad: Bug

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    ClassiPress 3.0 'Max Images Per Ad: Bug

    In the ClassiPress Configuration you have the "Ad Images Option>>>Max Images Per Ad"... I set this option to allow eight (8) images per ad. ClassiPress allowed me to upload eight (8) images but will only show six (6) images in the ad listing. No matter what option setting I use ClassiPress will only show six (6) images, not 2, 5, or 7, only 6 images.

    However, when troubleshooting I noticed only six (6) of my eight (8) images were actually uploaded when I posted the ad. Now, when I go back and edit the Ad I can upload images 7 & 8... then all eight (8) of my images are available when viewing my "edited" listing.

    I know the problem, I'm sure the developer knows the answer and we should have it in a few days.

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    Re: ClassiPress 3.0 'Max Images Per Ad: Bug

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