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Thread: Classipress Advanced Search Not Working - Why ?

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    Classipress Advanced Search Not Working - Why ?


    I have created my fields and selected the ones I want to add to the advanced search. Now, this means that the fields I have selected can be searched by classipress's own in built search tool.

    However, when I use it - it does not display the results.

    Take a look at the search results page here :

    Now the adverts you see on the left are the results of the search string "500" - so it is showing ALL adverts with "500" contained.

    Now, on the right you see the REFINE RESULTS.

    My question is that when I select a refine results option and click UPDATE RESULTS - the results on the left do not update to reflect the option I chose.

    How do I make the results update and show correctly ?


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    Thank you and have a nice day.

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