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Thread: Comment owner redirected to Dashboard with warning

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    Comment owner redirected to Dashboard with warning

    WP 5.3.2
    CP 3.6.3
    Childtheme: ClassiPost


    In the Comments section of the Single Ad page or Blog posts, the following line states:

    "Logged in as Test4. Log out?"

    When I hover over the "Logged in as Test4", the browser shows
    When I click on that link, I'm redirected to the Dashboard but with the following Notice on top of the Dashboard:

    Site administrator has blocked your access to the back-office.

    I do get redirected to the Dashboard but why, as a Contributor, am I seeing this notice?

    I looked into the Comments.php file and noticed
    PHP Code:
    <p><?php _e'Logged in as'APP_TD ); ?> <a href="<?php echo CP_PROFILE_URL?>"><?php echo $user_identity?></a>
    Is it not supposed to redirect to the User Dashboard directly?

    Makes sense when I'm logged in as Admin as it will take me to (WP admin) but not for the user.

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