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Thread: A couple edit moderation bugs:

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    A couple edit moderation bugs:

    1. If edit moderation is turned on and ad is edited it goes offline, until approved. Anyway to keep old version (before edit) online until new version is approved? Sometimes edited ads go offline for hours, if I am not able to to approve it right away. Unfortunately sometimes I have to sleep.

    2. If edit is approved user receives the standard 'Your ad has been approved' notification. Edit approval notification should be slightly different like "Your ad EDIT has been approved" or their should be no email notification at all, which there would not be if issue 1 was resolved.

    Better yet would be allowing for pending ads to be edited, so I can turn off edit moderation. This is the only reason I have it to keep it on because when it is turned of users cant edit pending ads, which is a requirement of my system. If an ad is not approved initially how can users edit it make the required changes? I get a handful of ads each day that are not approved (for one reason or another) and the user is notified (manually) as to what changes they need to make inorder for it to be approved. Which is why the ability to edit pending ads is a requirement and why I have to keep edit moderation turned on
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