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Thread: Edit item text area 'This field is required'

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    Edit item text area 'This field is required'

    While an empty text area in a new ad triggers a 'This field is required' message if left blank, however you can delete the description (or custom field using a text area) and it does not.

    I think this is a bug, line 1039 should be:
    <textarea rows="4" cols="23" name="<?php echo $result->field_name; ?>" id="<?php if ($result->field_name == 'post_content') { echo 'description'; } else { echo $result->field_name; } ?>" class="<?php if($result->field_req) echo 'required' ?>"><?php if ($result->field_name == 'post_content') { echo $getad->post_content; } else { echo $post_meta_val; } ?></textarea>
    Note the inclusion of:
    class="<?php if($result->field_req) echo 'required' ?>">

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