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    Editing Ad List -

    Ad Listing - Edit - function. (usability bug)

    When a user Edit the ad listing - the photo has no upload option/function.
    Therefore the user can not change/edit the photo.- only option is to delete the photo.

    So, if the client want's to make changes / change photo for the ad list,

    It would require first to delete photo.
    Then go back and re upload a new.

    But then there is another issue - the "order list of photo" is changed - and since the First uploaded photo is the one displayed by CP - as the Main (first) photo for the ad listing - it's even more of an issue. (since there is no option to change the photo order)

    btw: in the ad list edit, next to the photo is a photo (description) "alt" field - which strangely is not included at the ad listing! - just the editing...hhmm).


    At the Ad Listing form - "Tags" field are set to "Required" by CP.

    Does CP assumes everyone / every user - who will list a classified ad knows what "Tags" is?

    Maybe that should not be in the classified ad listing form - and definitely not made required field.

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