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Thread: Latest CP Version 3.6.0 - cp_do_update_geocode - including key returns REQUEST_DENIED

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    Latest CP Version 3.6.0 - cp_do_update_geocode - including key returns REQUEST_DENIED

    Hi -

    I notice that you added the api key as a parameter for geolocation within cp_do_update_geocode, however it doesn't work for me. It returns REQUEST_DENIED from the geolocation API. I have no issues running map API requests with the key on single post pages - but for some reason it doesn't seem to work with geocode. If I remove the key it works again.

    One minor point also: cp_do_update_geocode requires cp_state information in order to update. I'm not based in the US and state is not a required field for me, so I've removed cp_state from the two arrays in that function to get it to work properly for me.


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