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Thread: max file upload size message inaccurate, and error message inaccurate

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    max file upload size message inaccurate, and error message inaccurate

    Reporting 2 ClassiPress bugs here:

    Bug #1: ClassiPress shows an inaccurate "maximum file size per image" value.

    Beneath the image upload form in step 1 (part 2) of the "Post an Ad" process, ClassiPress shows the maximum file size per image to be some value (e.g. "5MB"). The value it shows is whatever value the site administrator has selected in: "ClassiPress" > "Settings" > "Listings" > "Ad Images Options" > "Max Size Per Image" (e.g. "5MB").

    However, setting that value to "5MB" by itself does not mean a user can upload a 5MB image file. Specifically, if PHP's upload_max_filesize is set to something smaller (e.g. 2MB), the user will still only be able to upload images of up to 2MB each.


    Bug #2: ClassiPress shows an image type-related error message when the actual issue is image size-related.

    When a user uploads an image that is smaller than the limit ClassiPress advertises on the page, but larger than PHP's upload_max_filesize, ClassiPress does show an error message on the next page.

    However, the error message ClassiPress shows is: "An Error Has Occurred.", followed by "temp_image_3.3MB.jpg is not a valid image type (.gif, .jpg, .png). Please go back and upload a different image." This error message is inaccurate since the image type is one of the valid ones listed.


    This is with ClassiPress 3.3.1 and WordPress 3.7.1.
    PHP version is 5.4.6 in Ubuntu Linux.

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