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Thread: Missing Language, Bank Transfer Info, Auto Update - Troubles with Classipress 3.1.5

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    Missing Language, Bank Transfer Info, Auto Update - Troubles with Classipress 3.1.5

    Hi, first of all i want thanks for Your great work and for this help.

    I have few problems with my installation:

    1. I want update my system from 3.1.5 to 3.1.6 - at this page: is info about double-click update and comment from AppThemes team "Hi Ali, If you are still using 3.1.2, you'll need to manually upgrade to 3.1.5. Any updates provided after that will be two click updates." - i dont see any option to automatic update..

    2. After manual update my pl_Pl language files are unusefull, i cant make in working. My WordPress installation is localized on pl_pl lang and before update all were working fine. I have read this topic: but i dont understand brazilian language... i have made all steps from this tut: ..nothing, cleaning cache, still nothing so now im back to 3.1.5.

    3.Bank Trasfer info after ad add process - i dont see it, i have a box with transfer info filled but i can't see it, here is a screenshoot:

    Zrzut ekranu 2012-01-09 (godz. 17.48.05).jpg

    Ok thats all, sorry for bad english. If u can, please help.

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