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Thread: Photos posting problem

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    Photos posting problem

    I am using ClasiPress Version 4.2.1 and WP 4.2.2

    Here is the scenario. I am loged in as an Admin and I am posting an ad through admin page.

    - Ads > Add New
    - I click on Add Media Attachment
    - I am using multi file uploaded
    - Files are uploaded and I see them
    - Then I click on Save All Changes
    - When I click on Insert Galley Nothing is happening. It just stay with no changes.
    - I click on X and the window will close
    - Now I am back to my Add. I don't see photos on this page until I Publish.

    If I choose Browser Uploader
    - I will browse the file and Upload it.
    - File is displayed.
    - I click on Insert into Post and Get ERROR: Attachment not found!
    - I will click OK and after I publish it it will show it here.

    In both cases the photos get inserted into the post but its the hassle of not knowing if they really got screwed up.
    Could someone please take a look at this.

    Thank you


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