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Thread: Post Ad process fails without error message, when submission exceeds post_max_size

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    Post Ad process fails without error message, when submission exceeds post_max_size

    Reporting 1 bug here:

    When the post_max_size PHP setting is set to 8MB, the ClassiPress "Number of images allowed per ad" setting is set to 4, and the ClassiPress "Maximum file size per image" setting is set to "5MB," (all of which are allowed settings); a user can potentially upload 20MB worth of images.

    When the combined total of all images the user uploads during Step 1 (part 2: describe ad/upload images) exceeds post_max_size (e.g. user uploads 4 x 5MB images when post_max_size is only 8MB), ClassiPress returns the user to Step 1 (part 1: select a category) without showing any error messages.

    I expected ClassiPress to show an error message--something like "The total size of the form submission exceeds the server's maximum submission size. Please try uploading fewer images at a time."


    This is with ClassiPress 3.3.1 and WordPress 3.7.1.
    PHP version is 5.4.6 in Ubuntu Linux.

    You can learn about the PHP setting, post_max_size, here:

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