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Thread: Price Per Category (Categories not showing in post an ad drop down) #2

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    Price Per Category (Categories not showing in post an ad drop down) #2


    I was not able to resolve the other issue which was a surprise that you closed the thread without me verifying that it was resolved. The coding issue was resolved as you provided but the price per category issue was not even resolved.

    Here is the issue:

    I am going to be moving to the [URL] classifieds script as the demand for this script and development is not what I paid for nor close enough to even becoming a great script. The advanced search for City, State and ZIP should've been already installed and therefore shows the lack of team work and idea creation to this script.

    I feel ripped off and feel bad for those who buy this script as it's obvious the development for you guys will come to a halt and possibly permanent.

    There were three people I was going to get to buy this script but instead [URL] will be making business from them (and they're businesses as well) which will create a loss for your team.

    Thanks but no thanks, this was not worth spending $159.

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