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Thread: Problem with The Image Uploaded / Classipress4

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    Problem with The Image Uploaded / Classipress4

    1) We have set our
    Setting > Reading > Blog Pages Show At Most > 6

    * Means: we want to show 6 ads or post per page

    2) We have set our
    Classipress > Setting > Listing > Ad Images > Max Images > 10

    *Means: we want to upload 10 images to every single ad page

    3) Problem:
    The issue is when you go with this setting, system uploads the 10 images but only 6 of them are attached to the ad. On first hand, the 10 images show on the single ad page even if 4 of them are not attached to the single ad page. As soon as you edit or update the page, the 4 images that are not attached get eliminated from single ad page, but still showing unattached in the media.

    4) Temporary Solution:
    It is to set number 6 to 10 like below in
    Setting > Reading > Blog Pages Show At Most > 10
    and everything works fine.

    Please advice since classipress3 didn't have such issue.

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