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Thread: Refine Results multiple check box selected bug?

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    Refine Results multiple check box selected bug?

    I created several check boxes for a group.

    Refine Results ONLY works if the user's ad only has ONE checkbox option selected. That i why drops downs, radio buttons (single select) always seem to work fine.

    If they check more than One Option it breaks the Refine Results and nothing gets displayed as the results.



    Checkbox1 < select
    Checkbox2 < select

    then try Refine Results and choose Option 2, it does not display any results; even if you select both Option 1 and 2.

    Checkbox1 < select only

    then try refine results, it works.

    I've seen some extensions where all checkboxes have to match exactly the check selections made CheckboxVal1 "AND" CheckboxVal2 sql or else nothing get returned, and not "IN" statement.

    Or give us a settings option to say all checkbox criteria must match "aLL" checked or contain "ANY" of the check boxes check.

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