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    sand box mode

    Would this affect this issue? by placing the values in MYSQL to "0" ?

    The situation and configuration we are using. "Memberships required for all." Base level membership "free" other one paid. The question is this, does the site store different types of user levels. If you go to control panel/my SQL/WP_users/you see a list of all users. It does not distinguish though between the " free " user and the paid user. The question is asked because of follow-up we obviously are gone to send a different mailer to the free members then we would the paid members so we need to only extract the "Free" members. Does the site store this information? And if so where? If it's a MySQL quarry? Please give me the easiest way to call this function. If the site does not store this information do I have to build a new table within this database? And a manual select Quarry when I want to extract data? is there a way to just extract the free members without messing around with MySQL? Maybe they are stored in PHP my admin via control panel somewhere else that I'm missing? if so please give me location.
    Thank you so much and hope someone can help fast.

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