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Thread: useless action hook

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    useless action hook

    hi all
    i'm currently working on a plugin to filter and sort search results but i got stuck when i figured out there is no appropriate action hook to attach the plugin to. here's the thing: the standard CP search results page uses a "get_template_part" function to include the "ad_listing-loop.php" template which processes the search query and displays the results. the "ad_listing-loop.php" template does have action hooks before and after the loop, which is fine. the problem is this template is only included if there are results to be displayed (that is only if "have posts ()"), otherwise it's not called and so are the attached action hooks.
    in short: may be CP developers should think about adding an action hook to the "else" argument on the search results page so plugins can still hook into that page even if no results are found.
    thanks for any help.

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