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Thread: User/Ad Fields Disappearing/Behaving Differently

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    User/Ad Fields Disappearing/Behaving Differently


    I'm working as support for a client using a custom developed child theme for ClassiPress (Developed by a different agency so please forgive me for not being too familiar with the theme). After a recent update a couple of issues have arisen.

    Firstly in the Admin area when viewing a User's details, under the Account Management section were two fields for phone number and location. These are no longer accessible/displaying.

    The relevant information to these fields is still being stored in the WP database. The site was running ClassiPress 3.5.3 previously and now 3.5.5, but the problem persists if I revert the theme version (I restored a staging backup point of the site from about 10 days ago and all works fine). The core version of WP is 4.5.2 and this has not been changed. this leads me to believe there was some sort of database upgrade which is causing conflicts.

    The second issue is to do with the function appthemes_get_custom_taxonomy(). Using this to output some information on the single ad page. Previously one of the fields was not being displayed on the site as it was private information. This field is now appearing on the page. It's not a case of being hidden with CSS as it's not being outputted at all on the page in the old version of the site, and now it is. However there is no reference to this specific field anywhere in the old theme (CSS, JS, or PHP) to stop it being outputted/shown, and I can't find anything in the Admin area which gives an option to hide/show it on the ad page.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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