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Thread: User Photos Appearing in Reverse Order as Loaded

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    User Photos Appearing in Reverse Order as Loaded

    When a user is posting ads at my site (best photo usually the first photo) and uploads their photos, instead of their pics appearing in their ad in the order they loaded them, they appear in reverse order within their ad. This CP 3.5.2 glitch effected all of the ads in my site...even ads that were posted months ago. I saw a post for a fix link to a link to basically rebuild your entire CP site (re-upload, etc.) and I'm confident there is a fix that does not involve doing all of that...and rather just going into a PHP file and editing that ONE file to make it work correctly again. If anyone here can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. You can see an example of photos appearing in the wrong order by clicking here. Note that when you click on the actual ad, that where the photos are not showing up in order.

    Thanks in Advance

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