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Thread: adding affiliate banner

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    adding affiliate banner

    I am trying to add some code to a coupon that will also show a banner

    <a href=""><IMG alt="" border="0" src=""></a><IMG border="0" width="1" height="1" src="">
    when I add this in the "text" area, it never shows up in the visual description. and when you go back to the "text" view it will look like this after wordpress changes it

    <a href=";offerid=62091.10000461&amp;type=4&amp;subid=0"><img alt="" src="" border="0" /></a><img alt="" src=";bids=62091.10000461&amp;type=4&amp;subid=0" width="1" height="1" border="0" />
    In the clipper settings, I have told it to allow HTML, but I do not see this working.

    Has anyone any ideas as to why it is not working?

    If I try adding this to the admin demo site here, it will work and show the affiliate banner.

    I am on wordpress 3.5.1 and clipper 1.4.0

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