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Thread: Clipper Child Theme Issues with Latest Clipper & Development Bug Needs

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    Clipper Child Theme Issues with Latest Clipper & Development Bug Needs

    Hi Jomark - are there any actually ACTIVE developers for child themes for Clipper? I have went through all the child themes and exactly zero of them have updated any theme for more than around 1.5 years now and none were updated since Wordpress 5.6 at the latest and none work with 2.0.9 properly. Further, several of the developers, if you look at their websites they are offline and long gone, emails to support bounce (I've now tried 3+ with bounces).

    The community NEEDS active development of child themes, in lieu of this Clipper needs to itself develop some competitive and decent looking child themes with new functions and features, as the base Clipper theme is dated visually and lacks most of the competitive functions, look and feel of what it was designed to originally emulated, Retail Me Not and similar.

    1.) What is being done to add developers for Clipper child themes currently? Is there anything in the works or on the horizon?

    2.) Is there any for hire, reasonably priced Clipper child theme developers out there that are interested in taking a child theme and updating, debugging it and adding a few new features? Any pricing ideas on projects like this? Please shoot me contacts, names, and any details that you do have.

    3.) If Clipper itself doesn't have any plans on getting new developers, will it step up to the plate and offer support for the existing "newer" themes to have them updated to work with Clipper 2.0.9x and Wordpress 6.x as some of the child themes are close but need perhaps a few hours or less than a days worth of coding to get them working...

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