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Thread: Expiry Date isn't working.

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    Expiry Date isn't working.

    We have setup some coupons with 31 Jan 2012 date.

    After this the coupon expired, and being shown in unreliable coupon list.

    Now on the 2 Feb, 2012, we have got an email from the merchant that COUPON date has been increased to 29 Feb, 2012.

    So we made the changes to coupon date to 2 Feb, 2012. But the coupon still coming in unreliable coupons, it's not coming to active coupons, as it should be.

    plz help, as we have some great coupons for valentine day, and most of them are coming in unreliable list.

    looking forward to get a quick help on that.

    thanks in advance.

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