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    When we need help with a problem and we expect someone to assist, it would be really useful if we all used a template to post a fault or cry for assistance.

    There are a host of useful tips and guidance in the forums on various subjects, but they are not easy to find because of they way they were created... it would be nice if we could all follow the same format, as follows (for example)

    Title - Keep it short and to the point (eg: Google Map, Refined Search, etc)
    CP Version - what version of Classipress are you using? (Quote version Number)
    WP Version - what version of WordPress are you using? (Quote version Number)
    PHP Version - what version of PHP is your server running? (Quote version Number)
    Browser Type - what browser are you using? (Quote Version)

    Description of Issue: Simply stating something doesn't work does not really help, describe what you are/were doing and what happened.

    Tags: I cannot express the importance of adding tags to assist others finding the thread and getting help immediately on previous raised issues that have been resolved and to stop multiple threads on the same day for the same issue...

    Example, the tags on this are: Support, Classipress, Advice

    We are all busy, we are all giving our advice and sometimes our expertise for FREE so lets help each other and make it easier on each other. I know for some written English is not their first language, so patience...

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