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Thread: Issue with location GET variable

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    Issue with location GET variable

    Hi support team,
    since two days I am debugging a strange issue with the location GET variable and still have no idea why it doesn't work.
    In Germany many cities have special characters in their names. When I search for a certain city which contains special characeters such as , , or , then the first page is shown correctly. When I navigate to the next page then the special characters are removed from the location variable and a different location from the first one is shown. This happens only if is being searched by location and not by jobs. If you search for both of them, then everything is shown correctly. In other words the "s" GET variable is decoded correctly always, but the "location" GET variable is decoded correctly only if is searched by jobs too. Searching alone by location doesn't work.

    @mikejolley: Since I know that you are the only one who might have an answer, I have sent you a PM with the address of the website.

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