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Thread: missing function - employers profile

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    missing function - employers profile

    unfortunaley i discover a lot of missing functions after buying the full pacage theme an i need to buy now a lot of more plugings to let the theme look like i want and do what i want.

    one example is a simple employer profile wher a jobseeker can see all the jobs of one company. The problem is, when somebody click at the companyname, the user comes to the external website of the company and leave my page (maybe donīt come back). This funcion ist a basicfunction of any jobboardtheme out there. So how you can make money by affiliate (cpo). It doesnīt work.

    Nice Design (with eva) but a lot of missing important details. It will cost a lot more to customize and fix all these things, so why buying something unready when you can let develop something complete in the way you need for the same money.?

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