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Thread: Review system needs bug fixing

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    Review system needs bug fixing

    Bugs in reviews in Taskerr:

    * If I disable commenting, I can't create a review. Very odd behavior! Reviews should IMHO be separated from comments.
    The right way (IMO) should be that ONE tab exists, the one for reviews. (not Comments)

    * If I want commenting to be available, this should be configurable. Just imagine when competitors start to review each other using fake accounts. This will become a very bad user experience and pure horror for the site itself.

    * a review should not be accepted without having the reviewer to set a number of stars. Now it accepts NO stars at all.

    * If user submits a review mistakenly and wants to change the star rating (like in my test scenario I forgot to set the star rating), this can't be done. A user should be able to at least set a star rating that is higher than what is already submitted (this will also prevent revengers from setting bad ratings afterwards)

    * if a user A submits a review without a star rating, which is then followed by a user B that sets a full five star rating for the same service, then when user A reloads the purchased page again, it will tell user A "Your rating: <average rating between user A and user B>", but this is not MY rating, this is the average rating.

    * if a user buys one service and creates a review for it, then after a day buys the same service again, the user can't write a review for the new order. Instead the first review is copies the review text of the first review to the second review.

    * the review text can contain links. A reviewer could thereby easily buy a service, then give a very bad review and instead submit a link either on the same Taskerr site or another site. This could also be used for link building with keyword association between the link and a keyword (but is set to rel=nofollow with solves the prospective draining of pagerank, but not the associations between a keyword (=anchor/link text) and its link).

    Submitting links should:
    - be optional (via the admin's control panel)
    - be validated/filtered using regular expressions
    - should always go via an onsite popup redirect page with a text saying "You are about to leave <site>, please click OK" (or something like that) to prevent SEO tactics

    * when I install the Critic plugin, it should replace the internal review functionality, but everything still looks the same. (Nothing is changed.)

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