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Thread: Map Listing Error from Top Search Bar

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    Map Listing Error from Top Search Bar

    When I first installed the theme and got a Google Map API Key, the search bar worked and showed the correct results, but since I've been adding in some dummy test data it has stopped working.

    I specify a keyword, enter a zipcode (which prompts some drop down responses), I select one of them and click the search icon and nothing happens. When I hit enter on my keyboard (making sure the search input field is active so it submits the form) I get a popup error.

    Here is a video of the error in action (password: vantage)

    The form not working is obviously a major problem, but requiring the user to hit enter instead of clicking the submit button is not intuitive and will cause major problems for the majority of website customers.

    Note: I have disabled all plugins except Vantage App-Theme-Updater and still having this problem.

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