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Thread: New jobs site - seasonal/winter/summer jobs

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    New jobs site - seasonal/winter/summer jobs

    Hello all,

    My new jobs site -

    Very limited with default themes so very little changed. Half of me wants to wait a few months to see what the developers come up with, the other half wants to try and tackle it myself.

    Since launch a few months ago, had about 200 jobs posted - 50% natural, 50% myself copying from other sites. Traffic still low, awstats showing 50 visits a day, but I'm in for the long run!

    Trying to think of ways to improve the look and feel of the site.
    Would appreciate any opinions you may have, suggestions or ideas!


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    Give people a reason to come back other than to post jobs or search for jobs. BLOG...BLOG...BLOG!

    Each day, write a blog about whatever is of interest to you that is happening in the UK. Keep it light, fun, and brief.

    Put links to resources that write about so others can discover what you have.

    Good luck


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    my opinion: Not very good !
    Here is a simple css hack for you : {
    text-align: left; <<<<<< INSTEAD OF 'RIGHT'
    width: 70px;

    This will make your site look a lot better ( the little things are NOTICABLE).
    The simplest way to recieve more traffic, research what peeps are searching ! Then use keywords and SEO to attract these peeps.
    Also use your blog as tbase suggests.

    There is so much you could do to change your site, so as it looks professional, as it is, I would NOT advertise my job vacancy on your site!

    Please dont be offeneded by my critisism, im giving you constructive critisism. I would love to see a excellent 'Job post' website designed using classipress.

    I am currently working on a 'Job post' website, experimenting with extra columns, changing layout etc....
    Take a look at and, using elements from both of these sites, I aim to launch a 'Job post' website, howver NOT using the 'Job roller' theme, but classipress classifieds.

    why dont you change elements of the layout & colors for starters?
    The above code i sent you, will align the text correctly, (currently looks squeezed).

    Good luck.

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