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    Please have a look into my site: . I have modified classipress to some kink of an educational portal. I have rebuild the way in which the ads are added into the site.
    Please let me know your thoughts on about the site.In 4-5 months we were able to have a some good amount of traffic into the site, thanks to classipress and its search engine optimized framework. but more work has to be done to make the site load faster.I think there is a lot of potential business in the field of education.We are alos building a paid section for the site that let users to take online exams . I would also be happy to launch the same for other countries also. If anybody is interested to work with us please let us know.

    Thank you

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    Nice mods though I have noticed that it is still on version 3.1.4. The latest version 3.1.6 already include some bug fixes and security patches and so an upgrade is recommended.
    Please help our moderating team work more efficiently by not sending us support questions via PM. You can read more about how AppThemes support works here. However, you can send a PM to follow up and remind me if I missed your support request/thread.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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    Cool site. I think this would look better if you will use a template.

    Ever considered of using one in the future?

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