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Thread: The search radius facility on Vantage is better than Classipress, Can they be equal ?

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    The search radius facility on Vantage is better than Classipress, Can they be equal ?

    I have toyed with Vantage and using Classipress.

    One thing I have noticed, and in my eyes it's VERY important, is that the radius search 'leeway' is much better on Vantage.

    I appreciate that Vantage is a business listings software and Classipress is a classifieds bit of kit. However I think the search facility on Vantage SHOULD BE included on ALL the themes.


    Eg, I run Classipress on
    It is a site for smallholding courses UK and EU based,

    If an advertiser is listed in Cardiff, Wales
    If I search for a town eg, Barry, which is near Cardiff, my search results are ZERO so the only way to find that advertiser in Cardiff is to search for Cardiff.
    However, in Vantage, If I search for Barry,the search result will bring up the listing in Cardiff as it is within the set search radius.

    If the search radius CANNOT be implemented into Classipress then I will be transferring my Courses website to Vantage.

    ON THIS.

    Is it being considered to allow Classipress ads to be EXPORTED to a Vantage website ?

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply. I wasn't trying to showcase so my apologies for the incorrect thread category.

    Mark (& Anita)

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