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Thread: Website Advice: Registration Page Landing Page or Home page?

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    Website Advice: Registration Page Landing Page or Home page?

    I need your advice:

    I have a social network website, and i'm not sure if i should let users go directly to the homepage or go to a landing page where they would need to register/log in before they can access the platform.

    If they go directly to homepage, they can view the personals posts, etc but won't be able to view some pages (restricted access). They would need to register/log in to ad profiles, etc.

    If they go to landing page to register/login before they can go view everything.

    The landing page would be like psd page, while the home page is a homepage wordpress.

    My main concern is SEO - it works better with homepage, not landing page.
    But i don't want people to go in, see and leave if they are directly straight to homepage.

    The network is new, so we don't have alot of users yet. My developer said i should direct all users to homepage for them to see and once i have some traffic, then i could hide it and apply the landing page.

    What do you guys think?

    Attached is homepage - if you visit website, it would show landing page. Don't worry about design, i'm not done yet. But before i go and spend hours and money changing things, i'd love your feedback


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