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Thread: How to stop spam - 100% working using 2 plugins

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    How to stop spam - 100% working using 2 plugins

    I keep seeing people suffering with spam so here is my idiots guide to stopping spam free which works 100%.

    Plugin 1 - Good question (made by Artem Forester (appthemes developer)-
    Plugin 2 - wordfence -

    I use Simply Responsive theme so I add this style code to the bottom of the style.css file in the SR child theme folder which styles the good question plugin on the registration page.

    #gq-wrapper{float: left; clear: both; width: 77%; margin:25px 0px}
    #gq-question{font-style: italic; width: 100%;}
    #gq-description{color: #777; font-style: italic; font-size: 10px;}
    #gq-answers-list{list-style-type: none !important; padding-left: 2em;}

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    It might not style perfect for all so you may need to tweak it a touch to suit.


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