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Thread: New Install and Setup

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    New Install and Setup

    Hi Sarah,

    I hope this thread ultimately reaches you - I've tried to find a direct contact but can't find one.

    I just purchased the latest Classipress (think its 3.3.3) and your Simply Responsive child theme (think its 1.3.2). Your theme looks awesome and I can't wait to install it and set it up.

    I briefly read the install information but have some questions before I get started.

    1. Do you offer install and set up service for this? If yes, please advise the cost and what you would need to do it.
    2. Since nothing is installed yet on the host (WP, Classipress or Simply Responsive), can you tell me if:
    - You recommend the latest WP version or is this not tested to the newest one yet?
    - I saw a few hot fixes in the sticky section on this forum. But they seem a few months old. Have these issues been updated in the child theme I just downloaded or do they need to be corrected after install.
    - I haven't installed a child theme before so I'm not sure about some of your instructions. Can you tell me once Classipress parent is installed, do I actually set up the theme settings from the parent Classipress or from your child theme?

    Also, I saw the following 3 step instructions:

    1. Downloaded the zip file from your AppThemes account. Unzip the zip file. Inside the unzipped folder, you should see a README.txt file and another zip file. This is the zip file you need to upload to your server. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes – Install Themes tab and upload the zip file. Then simply activate.

    2. Set the ‘Use SelectBox JS library’ to Yes
    ClassiPress -> Settings -> Advanced tab

    3. Ensure your permalinks are set correctly. WordPress -> Settings -> Set Permalinks to “Post name” and save the settings.

    Step 1 is clear.
    Step 2, just to confirm is on the Classipress parent?
    Step 3 on the Classipress parent?

    Sorry for are likely simple questions. I'm trying to make sure it gets set up correctly from the start to avoid problems later.

    If you need to contact me directly, please advise a link I can use to give you my contact email.

    Thanks and Regards,

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