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Thread: Translate in spanish

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    Translate in spanish

    I make the same step with this plugin

    Please follow steps.

    Here are the steps to translate/localize a .po or .pot file into another language

    1) Download a gettext file editor like poedit and install it.
    2) Open the English favorite-ads.po file that came with your plugin with poedit. If you only got a .pot, just rename it to .po and open it in poedit.
    3) Now go through and translate all the text one line at a time in the bottom box.
    4) Then “File” => “Save as” to your desktop or a folder on your computer. This will output a .po and .mo file.

    The name of the .mo file is very important. It’s also case sensitive. If it doesn't match the plugin name, language code, and country code it won’t work.

    After translate file naming format should be as follows:


    For example if you are going to translate plugin in Brazilian Portuguese then file name should be ""

    Next you need to upload the .mo file to your server. This file contains the actual text translations for the plugin. Before doing so, you’ll need to create a couple of new folders if those are not exist. SFTP/SSH back to your site and go into the wp-content folder.

    1) Create a new folder called “languages”
    2) Go inside that folder and create another folder called “plugins”
    3) Copy the “” file you set aside earlier into this folder
    4) The final new folder structure with the .mo file should look like this.



    Only that is not function for me....

    Please let me know if i have to set something more...

    Best regards,

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