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Thread: Stripe + Vantage 4 : Recurring Payments Not Working

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    Stripe + Vantage 4 : Recurring Payments Not Working


    I'm just testing my payment gateways with Vantage 4.0 ahead of launch, but I'm having difficulty with the Stripe plugin. (I'm using the live version settings and the most recent version of the plugin).

    The plan is set to charge 1 daily for a listing and is set to forced recurring. I've created a test listing and the first payment goes through fine. When the next day comes however there seems to be no attempt to take the next payment.

    I've checked the Stripe dashboard and there is no errors reporting, it's like no request is being made after the first initial payments.

    Checking Vantage > Orders - the order for the 2nd day payment is showing as "pending".

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you


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