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Thread: Support rules - PLEASE READ !

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    Support rules - PLEASE READ !

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for purchasing and using our themes and plugins.

    Recently, We are facing an increased amount of private messages, that obstructed us by providing a fast and better support. So for this we decided to refresh the support rules by adding few items.

    - Our account “spartac” is managed by 3 persons; hence, it’s very hard to track the support tickets and the history of the conversations and we spend most of the time searching through the old messages for what’s the topic is about or what’s the url.. or even more, what’s the theme the customer is asking about.!

    - Note that only 500 messages are allowed to be stored in the inbox, so after we reach this amount of messages we will no longer allowed to receive or send any other messages, and this obliges us to clear and delete the previous messages which we do every 3-4 days.

    - The resolved issues and questions by pm are used only by one user, at time others might need them, Thus, We find ourselves answering the same questions to many users individually.

    - For all this above, and in order to help us to assist you better, we kindly ask you to cooperate with us to organize our support tasks, and as a result, we keep answering all your questions, fast, reliably and readily as we always do.

    IMPORTANT- Please read and follow these conditions.

    - The private messages is used only to send private details such as admin passwords, urls..etc

    - Any support request will be received as private messages will be held pending and unanswered from 24 to 48
    hours and mostly will be answered by asking the user to create a topic for his question. So he can save time and create it in first place.

    - Any reference or further details are sent by pm, please include the url of the thread in question.

    - Open a new thread for every new question.

    For further understanding how the support by forums works, read these threads :

    Thank you for understanding.
    Do you need high-quality content for your Website? For a significantly reduced price? Try

    We answer the questions in threads as fast as the private messages, So do not send support questions via private message. Use the forum instead and open a new thread for every issue.
    Before you send any PM , Please read These rules .

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