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Thread: User Locator together with MultiCity Plugin

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    User Locator together with MultiCity Plugin


    I have both User Locator and MultiCity Plugin installed on Vantage.

    Once a user chooses to select their location for the User Locator plugin, it is pretty much fixed as the search option until the cookie expires or the user clears their browser history.

    In doing so, plugins like the MultiCity Selector basically lose their functionality. Deleting the address from the "Near" field and leaving it blank has no effect as when you refresh it reverts back to your current location for search reasons.

    If a user decides that they want to search elsewhere, and no longer want to search on their current location, is there a user friendly way for them to clear their location so that searching elsewhere is available to them.

    My site requires both functions to be accessible to the searcher - searching based on current location, and, being able to search on an alternative location (disabling the geo locate in this instance)

    There is a button in the "Near" field to enable Geo locate functionality, but no option to disable it. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help


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