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Thread: Best way to set up my website?

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    Best way to set up my website?

    So i have a website that i am building. I am trying to figure out the best way to set up my website. I am new to vantage and am looking for help from everybody here. If you have any input at all, let me know. Here is some information about the website:
    It is going to be a directory for churches, businesses and community resources.
    I would like users to be able to browse through categories.
    I would like users to be able to search through individual categories. (a person can search 'coffee' in the business search bar and coffee related businesses would populate. This search query wouldn't search through any of the other categories or display any results from the other two categories)
    We need to be able to display ads.
    The ads need to be able to be filtered based on the location of the user or the location searched. (so somebody searching for a business in new york doesn't see an ad from texas)
    I need reviews and comments for the businesses, but not for community resources or churches.
    We do not want users to have access to edit, renew, post, or pull listings without going through us first.
    I would like to be able to change the background behind the search bar.

    I'm thinking that i may need to have multiple sub domains for this. That way i would be able to have multiple directories, correct? or i would be able to have a different sub domain for every market businesses are listed in. If there was a way, it would be great if the user was able to filter their whole page by both market, category, and search query. I am not sure of any plugins that would do this.

    If you have any ideas at all on how to go about any of this, please let me know.

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