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Thread: Custom Fields CSV Import Question

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    Custom Fields CSV Import Question

    I've posted about this before but I need to ask again.

    If you enter a listing via the admin or front end and that listing has a custom field which is a multiple checkbox, each ticked value gets stored separately in wp_postsmeta (and that's fantastic).

    If I import a CSV that includes that custom field with multiple values separated by commas, my listing gets imported but I only have one row on wp_postmeta with all my custom field values strung together. For the purposes of my listing display, I NEED these two methods of data entry to behave in the same way.

    I *think* the answer is in my child them functions.php , where I have this function:

    function aspph_custom_csv_fields( $args )

    $args['custom_fields']['price'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_price' );
    $args['custom_fields']['specialoffers'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_special-offers' );
    $args['custom_fields']['contactemailaddress'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_business-owner-email-address' );

    $args['custom_fields']['day'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_day' );
    $args['custom_fields']['time'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_time' );
    $args['custom_fields']['extrainfo'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_extra-info' );
    $args['custom_fields']['age-group'] = array( 'internal_key' => 'app_age-group' );

    return $args;
    The first 3 $args are standard text field custom fields. The next 4 $args rows relate to multiple checkbox custom fields which allow 'tick all that apply'.

    I *think* I need some extra array() code around what I've got there for this to work as expected, but I can't figure it out. I have seen this comment in importer.php but I can't translate that into what I need in my functions.php?

    * Args can have 3 elements:
    * 'taxonomies' => array( 'valid', 'taxonomies' ),
    * 'custom_fields' => array(
    * 'csv_key' => 'internal_key',
    * 'csv_key' => array(
    * 'internal_key' => 'key',
    * 'default' => 'value'
    * )
    * ),
    * 'tax_meta' => array( array( 'tax' => array( 'csv_key' => 'tax_key' ) )
    Any clues would be much appreciated...I'm pretty desperate! I'm sure I should be able to figure this out but just can't see it....

    Many thanks,


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