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Thread: Display Number of Stars as Text

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    Question Display Number of Stars as Text

    Hi, I am currently trying to insert a text that shows the current star rating of the business.
    Right now what I see is that the theme just places a div that loads up a background with the stars. That is not 508 compliant, since there is no text there for the screen readers. I am trying to get a hidden span in there that will say (4/5 stars) etc.

    Right now I see that you are calling some function that generates the div like so:

    p class="reviews"><?php
    		if ( va_user_can_add_reviews() ) {
    			echo ', ' . html_link( '#add-review', __( 'Add your review', APP_TD ) );
    This is on line 14 of single listing.php

    Does someone know how to get to the function that actually generates the stars so I can tinker with that? thanks in advance.

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