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Thread: Five transactions showing in Vantage to claim one listing?

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    Five transactions showing in Vantage to claim one listing?

    Hoping to better understand the multiple transactions I see in the list of Orders.

    This screenshot shows five transactions in Vantage to claim one listing:

    It appears to be working correctly, as we are seeing just one Stripe payment for this transaction.

    But I have a concern when I look at the five Orders, the transactions in WordPress. I see one transaction for 1/7/2016 (Order 1349), and then four more transactions each with payment due on 1/7/2017 (1350-1353). It kind of looks like it might be planning to charge four times on 1/7/2017?

    Order 1349
    Order 1350
    Order 1351
    Order 1352
    Order 1353

    Does this make sense? Thanks for your help!

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