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Thread: Good News for Multisite users - receiving payments from many sites

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    Good News for Multisite users - receiving payments from many sites

    I know Appthemes is working on this issue but here is a great fix in the meantime.

    As you know you can only enter one IPN listener URL into your Paypal account settings which gives you notifications on recurring payments and actions the correct requests when a client cancels their recurring payment. i.e: extend the expiry date when another payment is made or expire the listing if the client cancels their payment.

    I have many Vantage sites and only one Paypal business account which means only one of my Vantage sites works correctly for recurring payments. While the rest of my sites don't - If a client cancels a recurring payment the listing remains active forever!

    I have tested the Sonic IPN Plugin and it works. I now have multiple sites linked to one main site and the main sites listener URL is entered into the Paypal IPN settings page. When a payment is made the notice from Paypal goes to my main site then it forwards it onto the correct site (based on the product name or number ID) to action the listing extension request. I have tested it on 3 sites and all listings that were recurring extended the listing date to the correct listing on the correct site. When I cancelled the Paypal payment the listings also expired successfully with all the associated emails being sent to admin and the client. FINALLY - SUCCESS!

    It is easy to set up but if you need help to get it working correctly let me know. TIP: each site of mine is differentiated by a product name (even though it is the exact same plan). I used the Location/State as the "Contain" word. i.e: "Alberta Directory Listing - 1 year". The product name "Contains" the word: Alberta
    You can also use a product ID number.

    The Sonic IPN plugin is a paid plugin (about $27), but totally worth it. Andrew is the Author and offers amazing support:

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