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Thread: HELP! Need to change the default /register/?redirect_to=etc

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    HELP! Need to change the default /register/?redirect_to=etc

    Hi all,
    I guessing this will be an easy one for somebody that's familiar with PHP.

    I'm looking to change the default 'Register' page to 'Sign-up' - so I could add more functionality than the standard register page. Everything is working great but now when I go to claim a listing and need to make an account it defaults back to
    when ideally it would be

    Currently, in my claim-listing.php I have this...
    PHP Code:
    <p><?php _e' 'APP_TD ); ?><?php echo html_linkAPP_Login::get_url''va_get_listing_purchase_url$listing->ID ) ), __'Login'APP_TD ) );            if ( get_option'users_can_register' ) ) {                _e''APP_TD );                echo html_linkadd_query_arg'redirect_to'urlencodeva_get_listing_claim_url$listing->ID ) ), appthemes_get_registration_url() ), __'Register'APP_TD ) );            } ?>
    <?php _e
    ' 'APP_TD ); ?></p>
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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