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Thread: How to remove class VA_Claim_Listing_Categories

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    How to remove class VA_Claim_Listing_Categories


    I am trying to complete another Vantage project, and have one last hurdle.

    When the claim a listing process starts, the user who is claiming the listing is for some reason asked to Select their categories, and when they do so, the associated custom fields drop down for completion too. Given that the claim has not been approved at this stage, my client feels that this is 100% inappropriate, and will not accept that this is how it is supposed to work. I have to say that I agree. If a claim is to be moderated and approved, the claimee should not be able to do anything until the claim is approved.

    I am trying to get rid of the step where the categories are displayed. The problem is that all this piece of functionality is help within a class in /includes/listing-claim.php so if I make any changes there, they will just get overwritten when I upgrade Vantage.

    I have tried adding this to my functions.php
    remove_action('after_setup_theme', 'add_listing_claim_item' );
    add_action('after_setup_theme', 'mynewadd_listing_claim_item' );
    function mynewadd_listing_claim_item() {
    	$payments = get_theme_support('app-payments');
    	define( 'VA_LISTING_CLAIM_ITEM', 'listing-claim' );
    	$payments[0]['items'][] = array(
    		'type' => VA_LISTING_CLAIM_ITEM,
    		'title' => __( 'Listing Claim', APP_TD )
    	add_theme_support('app-payments', $payments[0]);
    	new VA_Claim_Listing;
    //	new VA_Claim_Listing_Categories;
    	new VA_Claim_Listing_Select_Plan;

    but it doesn't seem to make any difference. What I really want to do (I think) is somehow de-register the entire class VA_Claim_Listing_Categories so that it just doesn't form any part of the process. I'm struggling with how to do that!

    Any help gratefully received.

    Also, and particularly for any Appthemes moderator...if you could explain WHY this 'select a category' appears at this stage of the process (when other basic fields such as description/address etc. do NOT appear), that would be AWESOME! It just makes no sense to me whatsoever...


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